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The first step to learning: You don't know anything.

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

It's very zen. "I know nothing." But it's critical to gain wisdom.

Start with a blank slate; wipe clear any assumptions you have and put yourself in a position to receive knowledge.

This can be dangerous, because who you listen to when you are a blank slate becomes very powerful. So I suppose the step before the first step is to choose your teacher carefully.

Youtube (and a book here and there) has been my source of instruction, and I've had many teachers. I've felt it necessary to start from zero to truly understand what they were saying. If you are fighting their teaching with your own junk, how can you put yourself in the role as student?

Start with nothing and be receptive to everything.

Next post: Why this is horrible advice and will cripple your artistic journey.

Step fiercely. . .

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