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Chicken Wings: From Seoul to Chicago

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

chicken wings from Mix n Malt in Seoul, South Korea

Not sure if you knew, but Korea does chicken right. There's pretty much a fried chicken joint on every block where there's a restaurant. I really liked fried chicken before I moved to Korea. I left Korea with fried chicken tattooed on my arm (literally).

What is it with chicken wings? Why are they so perfect? This picture captures one reason. Spot lighting at the bar creates some harsh lighting, which highlights the craggles and nooks of fried goodness. When fried properly, it serves as a wonderful base to scoop up sauces when tossed, or eaten by itself if it's been properly cooked. I'll tell you a secret: it was.

A simple wing that can be the doorway to so many culinary delights. You wanna go traditional? Get some Frank's Hot Sauce and butter. Or you know what? Go crazy with it and make your own sauce. Innovate, create, and consume.

Don't forget about the wing tip. Hey, there's some good eatin' from the little bit of fried skin at the end. Think of it like the cherry on the top, if the cherry was a perfectly friend bit of chicken skin.

These wings were from my favorite bar/restaurant in Seoul, Mix n Malt. The owner, Wendell, is the host of hosts, always making sure his guests have a good time. And he's always looking to improve his menu. Because of this he has my respect.

Since moving back to America a few months ago, I've had wings from some of the major chains. I appreciate a good Caribbean Jerk wing from Buffalo Wild Wings. I've yet to make a pilgrimage to Buffalo Joe's in Evanston, primarily because my wife *gasp* doesn't like buffalo wings. And Gator's. Oh man, I look forward to my next visit.

Next chance you get, take a moment before you consume your wings. Gaze at them lovingly. Appreciate the geometry, the topography of the skin. Are you eating the wings tossed? How lovely is that smell? How is the sauce to meat ratio? Is it good?

Which part of the chicken wing do you like the most? There is no wrong answer, we are all winners when we are eating chicken wings.

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